To be most effective, it’s best for an elder and their loved ones to seek help at the beginning of a decline. However, Shirley’s services are also beneficial in a preemptive setting – aspects such as choosing a retirement home are easier to make when an individual is still healthy. That being said, many clients will come to Shirley once health problems have begun to interfere with a person’s quality of life, and she is skilled in helping at those times as well.

Although each case will be different, Shirley generally works closely with clients for three to four months as she addresses what’s causing the most problems, until the elder’s health is stabilized. Shirley is available for the duration of a client’s life, and may work more closely with clients during times of increased challenges.

Shirley always knows the “next best question to ask.” Due to her extensive experience with elder care, she can foresee potential issues that may need to be addressed down the line and help you plan for both the expected and the unexpected.

Shirley considers that a large percentage of the elders she works with have memory problems. Many elders will have more than one health issue that is interfering with their lives, which is why Shirley’s comprehensive plan is so helpful – she can identify multiple issues and addresses the most pertinent problems first.

Yes – Shirley is very knowledgeable and up-to-date about legal and financial factors that impact elders. She is a valuable resource in helping budget and plan, and can refer you to financial planners and elder law attorneys if needed. Shirley can also help you find “hidden” monetary resources.

You are not alone with this challenge. There are many things Shirley can do to help. Sometimes having the conversations with a team that includes a professional helps with some ‘buy in’. There is no way to know exactly what is needed without a good assessment.

Sometimes you find that you must step in even if your elder is not cooperative. In some cases, Shirley is able to help make a small adjustment that adds safety and reduces stress and then make some bigger changes at a later date.