Getting Started

You can count on me to identify challenges and offer viable solutions.

Because I have a wide range of personal and professional contacts in all areas of Monterey County I can readily connect you and your family to experts in every area of your care needs. I save clients and their families’ time. Time is money and energy.

I will present options appropriate for the budget available. I specialize in combining free services and fee-for-service opportunities.

Your family can rest at night and focus at work because I help create options that provide a safe and secure environment for your elder.

I am a sole practitioner…you will receive consistent high quality services from me because I know your situation.

Most of my clients begin with my basic interview assessment that includes:

A face to face appointment with any of your family who wants to meet with me….sometimes that is just the family support, other times the elder also attends. In most cases, I prefer to have everyone….it begins an important conversation.

  • I will ask lots of questions and gather all of the information needed to develop a comprehensive plan.
  • We will identify the current challenges and those that may be just around the corner. I will recommend a “next step” for you and your family.
  • You will receive some really valuable resource information to address those challenges. You will learn about free and low-cost services as well as fee-for-service options.
  • You will leave with information that addresses your basic 2-3 concerns.

Following the initial appointment, most clients benefit from having a comprehensive written plan that includes:

  1. Narrative of past and present medical, social and functional information that affects the care plan needed to provide a safe and satisfactory environment for the elder client.
  2. Action steps to address current challenges.
  3. Resource information to address all aspects of the action plan.
    Resource information will be related to:
    • Medical and social history
    • Cognitive (memory) function
    • Functional capabilities
    • Housing and caregivers
    • Legal and financial information
    • Socialization
    • Transportation
    (example of this report is available for you to review)

I usually recommend a follow-up appointment, 2 weeks after the initial appointment, to review the plan and present a strategy for the next action step.

This model of services is especially useful for clients and families who identify themselves as moderately stressed with the realities of caregiving support or who have multiple changing issues with memory loss, falls, poor nutrition or managing finances or legal concerns.