Shirley is truly an expert in her field, and is a delight to work with. I highly recommend Shirley to anyone who needs help, advice, resources, and information for senior care, and/or care for people with chronic medical conditions.
Alice Cura
Eugene, OR/Monterey, CA
You showed great concern for my aunt’s well-being and provided me with much-needed support. We have achieved the best of all possible outcomes. Just saying ‘thank you’ isn’t enough, but I’m saying it anyway. You were a god-send.
Karen Bradford
Los Altos, CA
Thank you so much for your listening, compassion, and guidance. You helped out in a very difficult time. I would have been lost without you!
Linda Shepard
Carmel, CA
Shirley is a caring professional who always has the well-being of her clients foremost in her mind. She is extremely wise, sensitive and intuitive. Without Shirley’s guidance, I know many of the elders she helps would have less comfort in their lives.
Audrey Pierson
Monterey, CA
I knew and loved Shirley already, and I assumed because of who she is, that she would be good at her job. She’s not good; she’s brilliant. You don’t even have to know what questions to ask or where you need help. Whether you have aging parents or you have questions about your own future well-being and care, Shirley knows where to start.
Leslie Bruhn
CPA, Monterey, CA
Shirley, you have been an angel. Thank you for all your help and kind words these past months – they meant more than you know.
Glenn and Lorraine Matherly
Royal Oaks, CA
Shirley helped us understand the importance of proper elder care and introduced us to numerous resources and options available. We highly recommend her services to anyone facing questions regarding an aging parent or grandparent.
John and Marsha Moore
Monterey, CA
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Shirley, who helped transition my mother to an assisted living facility. After a rough patch in my mom’s life, she now has reasons to go on and has things to look forward to doing. Shirley has our gratitude always.
Constance Ventimiglia
Salinas, CA
Shirley provided very useful support early on in the caregiving planning for our mother in Monterey, and then remained available for advice and guidance. We deeply appreciate her support and the services she provides elders in Monterey County.
Fernando Torres-Gil, PhD
Acting Dean and Professor, Social Welfare and Public Policy Director, Center for Policy Research on Aging
University of California, Los Angeles
Shirley has integrity, knowledge of resources in our community, and most importantly, compassion. She’s up-to-date in the nursing profession and understands the challenges that families with elders are facing in today’s society.
Kalah Bumba
Executive Director
Salinas Senior Center, Salinas, CA
At first, Shirley helped me organize my thoughts and feelings regarding my mother’s condition and wishes. As we progressed, she brought together all the available resources and helped me navigate through them to find what best fit our circumstances. She made phone calls I just didn’t feel up to making, arranged appointments, and went with me to make sure the right questions got asked. Many thanks for everything, Shirley.
Judy Palshaw
Carmel, CA
Shirley Kiatta came to our rescue during a year of upheaval that involved both my mother and my mother-in-law. Each time she has given us advice or a referral it has been exactly what was needed, whether for making decisions about assisted living, dealing with Medicare reimbursement for skilled nursing, finding a reputable caregiver in Southern California, or locating an eldercare-savvy financial advisor. In fact, if we had followed her advice the first time we heard it, we would have found my mother-in-law the right living situation immediately, instead of after painful and costly trial and error. Shirley has been generous both with her time and expertise, and it has been a great comfort to have her on our team. Thanks again, Shirley, for everything you've done.
Linda Bailey